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Activa donates lights to condition the San Rafael del Yuma baseball park

  • The donation is part of ACTIVA’s commitment to promoting community development, especially for young people.

  • The installation of these lights will allow practice and improve vision, both for players and spectators, at night.

La Altagracia.- The telecommunications services company, ACTIVA, donated new lamps to the Play San Rafael del Yuma, with the purpose of supporting the sports development of this community and allowing young people to have all the conditions to continue their practice at night.

The luminaires were inaugurated in an event led by Francisco Rodríguez, mayor of San Rafael del Yuma, who presented a plaque of recognition to the company ACTIVA, “for the donation of the lighting of the baseball park of this community, thus contributing to “the promotion of sport and the harmonious development of this thriving municipality.”

For his part, the general manager of ACTIVA, Oscar San Martín, stated “This initiative is part of our company’s commitment to promoting the development of the communities where we operate. We hope that, with the installation of these lights, the young people in the area will have the opportunity to continue practicing, and that there will be nothing that prevents their continued training.

Perhaps, from this play the next MVP of the big leagues will emerge and we must give him all the tools so that he can continue preparing healthily and dream big.” The inaugural meeting was also attended by Freddy Sierra, executive director of GEMSA, a company that provided its support by providing the labor for the lighting assembly. Following the protocol words, a friendly softball game was played between the ACTIVADOS team and the Yuma Indestructibles.

Thanks to this sum of efforts, the people of San Rafael del Yuma will be able to enjoy games at night, and bet on the sports development of the young people of this community.

About Activa

ACTIVA was born in Bávaro – Punta Cana in 2013, the result of an alliance between System Industrial Group (SIG) and the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM), two companies with long tradition and experience, which provide the innovative vision of providing high-quality and competitive telecommunications services in the eastern area of ​​the Dominican Republic. ACTIVA has quickly become a new option in the market, providing a high-quality digital television service and multi-speed Internet, under strict international standards.

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