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ACTIVA launches prepaid cable service

BÁVARO – The telecommunications company ACTIVA launched a prepaid cable system service to the tourism market that can be acquired by the client flexibly and in accordance with their needs and budget. During his speech Oscar San Martín, commercial director of ACTIVA, said that it is a young brand, with barely a year on the market and that it has already had great acceptance from the public.

He explained that after purchasing the equipment, customers can recharge it as many times as they wish, giving the owners of vacation homes the ability to enjoy the service without the need to pay for the months they do not consume and the low-income population to be able to recharge as needed. to your income stream.

The highest value recharge per day is 25 pesos with taxes included, as indicated by San Martín and includes 152 channels, in addition to 12 movie channels without commercial breaks for an amount of 10 pesos per day, as well as three adult programming channels for the same cost.

“It is very flexible because if a client does not have the money to pay the 25 pesos one day, they can pay the movie package for only 10 pesos,” he said.

He also said that the recharge points are the same CEPM payment points, as well as an automated telephone payment system.

“There are many products in the tourist area and at the national level through parabola, but they have the problem of the cost of equipment and service interruptions due to bad weather, while with this service we ensure maximum 100% digital quality,” he pointed out.

The meeting was attended by company executives, related parties and the media.

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